Hailing from Indiana, this apple is crisp, juicy and aromatic, with a good sugar/acid balance. It is large, with a rose-coloured blush covering much of the skin’s attractive yellow background skin colour. The Winter Banana is a late bloomer, a trait which can protect it from the occasional late spring freeze and is quite a precocious apple, often producing fruit in the second or third year after planting. It is a low-chill variety which can be raised successfully in warmer regions with mild winters and fewer chilling hours. The Winter Banana is a diploid, self-fertile apple, meaning that it not only pollinates itself, but also serves as a very effective pollinizer for other apple tree. Great apple to add to your small backyard orchard. Pick in October and store for a few months.  Grafted on to Antonovka Rootstock, cold hardy.  Blooms late.

Winter Banana