The goals of The Apple Core Project are to identify and map fruit tree varieties on the western slope of Colorado; to discover the stories of the people who planted and cared for these trees; to propagate local and rare fruit genetics by grafting and planting new trees in the area; and, to revive the fruit growing economy on the western slope.

Mapping & Identification

Our group will map and collect genetic and historic information to document

heritage fruit varieties in the region.
Grafting & Planting 

We will graft from trees to help you expand your orchard and preserve rare heirlooms that thrive in the region by planting on public and private lands.


In collaboration with the Rimrocker Historical Society we will document

the living history of these trees as it is presented to us.

Site Assessment 

We will provide resources for orchard maintenance such as pruning and planting practices and integrated pest management. Upon your request, we'll report our findings.

Gleaning & Picking

We will  connect you with buyers if you desire to have a working orchard. Or, we will gather excess apples or other fruit for distribution to local food banks, organizations, or individuals for home use.