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Current Core Projects

We hand-grafted 300 heirloom apple trees and have placed them in our new hoop house this winter and we are planning three tree sales (Spring, Summer, Fall) in 2022. We will also be planting in public spaces and giving back to orchard owners. We will hold one grafting classes April 23, 2022. We pressed over 700 boxes of heirloom apple juice this Fall and are selling this juice at various stores in our region. We continue to map and survey local orchards as well as document the history of the local heirloom orchards. Finally, experiential education with local school kids at our demonstration orchard is our heart project. We have K-12 students visit us to learn how to prune trees, plant trees, identify varieties, press juice, learn about companion planting and restoration agriculture practices and finally about the history of those before us in our beautiful setting we call home.

Apple Core Hoop House

With the help of a West End Pay It Forward Resiliency Grant and many volunteers, the Apple Core Project erected a 20 ft X 20 ft hoop house to nurse the hand-grafted heirloom apple trees. This expansion will allow for a dramatic increase in the number of apple trees the Apple Core will be able to nurse for sale, community spaces and for orchard owners. 

Apple Juice Pressing

With the help of a West End Pay It Forward Resiliency Grant , Telluride Community Grant and many volunteers and orchard owner apple donations, the Apple Core Project pressed more than 700 boxes of apple juice, Fall, 2022. Packaged in a beautiful heirloom-inspired box designed by Andrea Lecos, Montezuma Restoration Orchard Project and Apple Core Project, our juice pressing operation whether with kids in our demonstration orchard using a small hand press or with the Montezuma Restoration Orchard large mobile press, hopes to inspire orchard owners to plant more trees, donate unused apples in their existing orchard and retailers to sell this amazingly yummy local heirloom apple juice pressed using all local heirloom varieties grown over 6000 feet in the West End of Colorado.

Norwood Community Garden

We will be planting 4 apple trees and companion plants such as mint, chives, beans, yarrow, strawberries and currants to create an apple tree permaculture guild in the Norwood Community Garden. We will use 4 of our heirloom hand-grafted trees grafted in 2016.  We are seeking 8 donations of $100 each to fund the planting of these trees at the base of which will be placed a brick paver with your engraved name.

Demonstration Orchard at
Pinion Farmstead, Nucla

In conjunction with Telluride MountainFilm’s The New Normal Initiative, the Apple Core Project is raising funds to plant hand-grafted apple trees in the Norwood Community Garden (see above). Additional funds raised will go toward the purchase and installation of a 20’ long hoop house at Pinion Farmstead for nurturing our newly grafted trees in coming years . Some, along with their companion plants will be planted in our Demonstration Orchard to create fruit tree permaculture guilds at Pinion Farmstead beginning in the summer of 2018. We will build swails, dig holes for deer fencing this summer. Each tree planted will become part of a new generation genetic bank from which we will collect the scion for grafting additional trees to plant. It’s a tree (and a gift) that keeps on giving. This is a perfect project to contribute to as your next step to reduce your carbon footprint right in your backyard. It not only helps sequester carbon but supports a sustainable food system and offers an educational opportunity for others in the community to follow in our footsteps.

Luther Walker Homestead
Nucla, CO

There are two remaining orchards on the Luther Walker Homestead. The South Orchard contains several heirloom varieties including the Jonathon, Grimes & Old Time Delicious. In the North Orchard, we found Ben Davis, Winesap and some other unidentified trees. We also discovered several Apricot, Pear & Plum trees as well Osage Orange, American Elm and Walnut trees. We were excited to find out that Mr. Glasier, the current owner of the property, has Luther Walker's Horticulture Journal. 

Templeton Property, Nucla, CO

They are several seedling trees on Marie's property as the Ditch runs just to the South of Templeton's home. An heirloom Jonathon and Winesap remain standing from an Orchard that was removed in the 40's. Marie has takes great pride in her remaining trees; one is supported  by a steel barrel and the other her late husband poured cement in the center of the tree to stabalize the branches.

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